Baby Bedding Canopy: Super Cute Model!

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If you’re looking for an elegant way to dress your child’s nursery, consider making a cute baby bedding canopy crib. With a few cheap things, you can make the perfect canopy for a baby boy or girl. This project is not only fast, it is also easy, without sewing required. This canopy can also be removed and placed over any bed, so when your child is a limb, she can still sleep like a royal

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Remove the inner ring of the baby bedding canopy. The inner ring will not be used for this project. Screw the outer ring so that the bridge frame is opened. Slide the frame through the pockets of the two curtain panels. Screw the outer ring back together so that the curtains stay in place.

Tie one end of each ribbon on either side of the embroidery frame where the two curtains meet. Tie the ribbons in double or triple knots to ensure they are secure. Tie the two ribbons together in a tight bow. Screw the pot-rack hook or screw-in hook into the ceiling above the cot or holder. Place the bow on the hook to hang baby bedding canopy. Adjust the curtains so they drape over the sides of the crib.

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