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Mom and dad are sometimes overwhelmed by all the decisions they have to make before the baby comes. The design of the toddler crib bedding should be shown functional but yet aesthetically pleasing for both children and parents, as this room is the Baby’s retreat. Use your imagination to create an individual nursery like you, your child and guests will adore.

Rustic Theme

A rustic themed nursery is achieved with the right combination of furniture and decorations. Choose earthy tones like beige, brown or mole for the walls. Furnish the room with dark brown furniture, including toddler crib bedding, changing table and other items. Paint your baby’s name on the wall using stencils over the crib or on another wall, with other decorations surrounding it, such as animals. Choose a shade that is slightly lighter than the color of the wall to give it more of a silhouette look. Consider painting a wall in the form of bricks by using a projector to display bricks on the wall, trace their outlines and color them using shades of red and brown color. Keep sprinkling a simple color to match the color scheme.

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Floral Theme

Floral themes are common to girl nurseries and created with ease. Choose a color to paint the walls. For extra detail, consider painting a wall a different color than the other three. Use the bottom of the walls to either hand paint the blades of grass or apply a premade boundary that sticks to the wall with glue. Paint a tree on a wall either freehand artistry or at once using a projector. Paint leaves and birds in the tree using a full range of colors such as brown bark and green leaves.

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