Rustic Storage Bench Style

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Rustic storage bench are available in all the casual design styles, such as those French country or log cabin designs. Depending on the style of origin, they are old-fashioned of iron or fine hardwood with artisan-created defects or a combination of all these materials. Some of the rustic bench design styles include intricate carvings, painted designs or leather covered bench seats.

Benches with a French Country rustic style have a rustic yet elegant feel. They are typically made of distressed dark wood. But you can also find lightly whitewashed benches where the physical wood grain shows through light paint. A rustic storage bench seat in the French country design style may also include wrought iron decorations or sides. While for Mexican rustic benches have a soulful nature and are rich in character.

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Benches with a Mexican flair are constructed from beautiful locally harvested forests. Such as Mesquite, Mexican cypress, pine, Spanish cedar or parota, and have chip carving. Mesquite benches are extremely strong and naturally repel insects, making them perfect for long-term outdoor use. But if you are looking for a colorful rustic bench style you should choose one of the Mexican style guy benches that have colorful painted scenes on the back and sides.

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