Smart Corner Storage Cabinet Kitchen

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Corner storage cabinet – With a corner cabinet in your kitchen you opt for extra practical storage space. For placing a cupboard in your kitchen corner, a number of smart solutions have been devised, so that you can optimally use that corner in your kitchen. Not only are cabinets a possible option, but also kitchen trays can be placed in the corner of your kitchen. Are you looking for something else? In here you have even more options to choose from.

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On this page you can read more about the options and ideas for placing a corner cabinet in your kitchen. You may want to install an L-kitchen, but you have no idea how to use that corner in your kitchen. We are happy to help you with an overview of a number of practical solutions. For example, choose a sink in the corner of your kitchen. As a result, you also correct the problem of the often useless space under your sink.

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Carousel cabinet: This is a cabinet in which, often 2, round turntables are mounted. When you open the cupboard door, you can rotate the turntable. The advantage of this is that you can turn the items in the back of the cupboard forward. This handy solution is ideal in the corner cupboard of a kitchen.