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Steel storage sheds – If you want to use the shed for winter storage of fruits, vegetables and delicate flower buns, the shed must be made frost-free and it requires insulation and some density in the construction. Conversely, if the temperature does not matter, it is important to ensure that there is plenty of ventilation so that condensation does not arise due to the frequent temperature fluctuations the climate offers us.

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If you are a handy handyman, then there is nothing wrong with building your shed yourself, because the construction does not have to be particularly complicated. In principle, you can cope with four corner posts and garments between them – and then just two extra posts, so you can mount a door in one of the sides. But start by making a goal-oriented drawing, then you can also form an overview of what you need to buy from materials.

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There are, however, many garden sheds on the market. Where you get them delivered as a collection set. And here you can easily participate. Even if you do not have a large license for the toolbox. The cheapest tool sheds are made of electric galvanized steel plates and can be purchased for a few thousand kroner. But the selection is somewhat larger if you choose a shed of wood.