Tips Improve Your Kitchen Storage Cabinets

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In addition to setting the tone of the kitchen, kitchen storage cabinets are also a major investment. Which material to use? How much to invest? Read more! All experts agree: Kitchen cabinets, whatever the material, clean with water and dish soap. Abrasive products are avoided. Specialty products are not necessary. Most current materials are easy to maintain, especially polyester and thermoplastic. Afraid of fingerprints? We avoid the very matte or very glossy panels, or at least we opt for a lower percentage of luster.

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Surfacing consists of repainting or veneering the cabinet doors or, more often, replacing the old doors with new ones while retaining the original boxes. If the configuration of the kitchen is functional and modules, in good condition, it’s a 50% cheaper solution. We can add boxes, drawers, lighting or moldings. Finally, this metamorphosis operation is often used to refresh a house for resale.

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Rising: Smooth panels, light woods, neutral shades (white, greige, black), walnut and combinations of two materials are popular at the moment. Side finish and patterns, the gloss, although still very popular, seems to want to leave its place to the mat, and the wood with linear veins, a more natural grain. Cabinets covered with exotic veneers (zebrano, wenge, etc.) or stainless steel have become virtually out of fashion in a decade.